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Season of Beauty, March 2


Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, but at Pierce and Ivy we go by our earring colors not the calendar. This season you are going to love the mix of florals, soft pastels and bold stripes! These are the things of serious beauty!


So as we still deal with cold temperature, but have that beat in our hearts for spring, I want to share some transition ideas to brighten up your closet!


Don’t store the sweater yet…


Fashion as a mom or working woman has to be functional. I’m a sucker for a new season and sometimes I jump in too fast. I’m either freezing because its 20 degrees and I’m trying to rock a trench coat or I’m sweating because its 80 degrees in October and I’m in full knee high boots.


So make your style all about the layers. Look through your sweaters and pick those with stripes, details and color. Pair them with cuffed denim and flats to start showing a little skin.


Bring on the Florals…


One of my favorite trends has been florals in all seasons. From the moody of fall to the bright of spring we can rock a sweet flower print all year. There is a way to transition with those brighter florals even now. Long layers are so flattering on every shape. Pairing a floral tunic with a colorful duster can keep you warm as well as help you transition for the beautiful days to come!


Pierce and Ivy’s spring collection will update any wardrobe to march you right into Spring! Check out our new line for the styles that will give you your best look yet.


Every season has beauty and every beauty has a season!